Butterfly Eco Garden Seed Bombs & Window Cling

Butterfly Eco Garden Seed Bombs & Window Cling- start a Butterfly garden with these SOW and GROW wildflower seed bombs. Six colorful recycled paper seed balls are included in our to-go container. Package also includes our original Butterfly Blessings removable vinyl window cling with a reminder that "Butterflies appear when angels are near". Available for shipping to U.S. customers only.

Perfect for commemorating a life well-lived (be it a "hooman" or a pet) with a memorial garden that grows perennial flowers season after season. 

Wildflower seeds are a mix of annual and perennial that include: Catchfly, Snapdragon, White Yarrow, Shirley Poppy, Red Prairie Coneflower & Sweet Alyssum.


Pre-soak seed bombs in a dish or bowl and an inch of water for about two minutes before sowing.


Place seed bombs in a planter or on the ground in the spring or fall about 2 inches apart then cover lightly with a quarter inch of soil. Water and keep soil moist through seed germination, then water plants as needed. Germination typically takes 4-7 days and flowers should start to bloom around 12-14 weeks.

Keep in a dry place until ready to plant.