RemembeRing Pet Tribute Kit

A touching, hands-on way to say goodbye to your cherished pet while holding on to special memories.

Our team just loves this activity because it is simple and satisfying for adults and children to do in memory of a special companion. Each RemembeRing separates into two distinct parts. The outer ring becomes a keepsake pet photo frame for display - the part for Holding On. The back of the center token is blank for writing or drawing a farewell message to the pet - the part for Letting Go.

This Token can accompany the deceased or be kept in another place that’s significant to the bereaved.

 Each RemembeRing (disc) is constructed of heavy rigid paperboard

  • Outer Ring is 6" across
  • Center Token is 3.5" across
  • Die-cut and “nicked” to hold Token in place until pressed out
  • Front has gloss finish
  • Back is white and matte
  • No mess! Each Tribute Kit also contains photo sleeve, adhesive strips, hanger, and magnet. All that’s needed is a 4" photo, scissors, and a pen or marker to personalize it.
  • For adults and children ages 3+
  • Made in the USA by a Vermont-based, woman-owned company

Make it a gift bundle with colorful gift wrap and your choice of greeting card that includes a personalized handwritten message. Scroll through the images to see the greeting card designs that are available.