Crystal Rainbow Suncatcher for Dogs, Cats & Horses

Our companion animals spread light throughout our lives - now let their memory light up your house.

Crystal Rainbow Suncatcher - the crystals in this gift recast sunlight in gorgeous shades throughout the room, and the colors are taken from the Chakra system to promote the emotional, mental, and spiritual healing of the pet’s owner.

This timeless, handmade keepsake begins with angel wings letting us know that our beloved companion has safely transitioned from the earth. A cascade of crystals follows, representing the colors of the rainbow and reminding us of the Rainbow Bridge, the special place where our loyal friends wait for us until we meet again.  

At the end of the cascade is a teardrop shaped prism representing the tears that welled in our eyes the day we welcomed our pet into our lives and those shed when we made our final goodbyes. Finally, the heart shaped charm gently reminds us that our cherished pets will always be in our hearts.

The "Horse Lover" edition replaces the heart charm with a horse charm that reminds us that our cherished companion runs free on the other side of the Bridge. 

The suncatcher comes with a leaflet that describes the significance of each element in the cascade, as well as the basic meaning of the Chakra system and corresponding energy centers in the human body. It is also packaged in a beautiful pillow box to protect it during the shipping process. 

The suncatcher is 9 inches long.

Make it a gift bundle with colorful gift wrap and your choice of greeting card that includes a personalized handwritten message. Scroll through the images to see the greeting card designs that are available.


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