Doggie Birthday Treats & Toy Bundle

This awesome little birthday bundle includes treats, 2 toys, and birthday decal.

  • A package of small batch, homemade Peanut Butter and Carob dog treats from our favorite local barkery - Paws in the Sand
  • A colorful fleece chew toy/tug that will keep your pup busy
  • A tennis ball for plenty of play time from Multipet
  • A Birthday Balloons Decal

Paws in the Sand 4 ounce package of handmade peanut butter treats are dipped in carob and are gluten free, wheat free, corn free and egg free.

You can choose a Male or Female birthday package and we will do our best to include toys that match your preference from our available inventory.

Make it a gift bundle with colorful gift wrap and your choice of greeting card that includes a personalized handwritten message. Scroll through the images to see the greeting card designs that are available.